Why simplify your wardrobe?

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I went on a journey to strip back my wardrobe to make a small (but every day) aspect of my life easier and more manageable. My wardrobe was out of control. I actually felt like I wanted to get rid of the lot and start over. Luckily I discovered this was not necessary.

A few months prior to embarking on my 80/20 wardrobe I carried out what I thought was a significant wardrobe cull. The result was an ever so slight improvement, but in reality I still had too much of the wrong stuff. I was still holding on to things ‘just in case’, I was still holding on to things because they were given to me as a gift, I was still holding on to things because it cost a lot of money, and I was holding on to things because it still had a price tag on it (Eeeeek!). In reality, I wasn’t wearing these things for a reason.

I realised I needed a more ruthless approach to achieve a smaller but fully functional wardrobe. Minimalism played a role in helping me let go of items that no longer add value to my life; the capsule wardrobe reassured me that you don’t need a lot, you need versatility; and the classic French wardrobe showed me that you go for good quality and timeless design to create an effortlessly chic look every time.  

The personal benefits to downsizing my wardrobe have been many! Through achieving the eighty twenty wardrobe we can say goodbye to:

  • ‘What am I going to wear?’ decision fatigue
  • Cluttered wardrobes that don’t allow easy access to your key (favourite) pieces
  • Trying on multiple different outfits before leaving the house, which then results in…
  • Clean clothes strewn across the bedroom (who needs more jobs)
  • Wasting excess time and money following fashion trends
  • Impulse (and potentially emotional) shopping behaviours
  • Buying clothes only to wear them once (or worse, to have never been worn!)
  • Overfilled laundry baskets and the bottomless ironing pile

Ahhhhhh, I feel good, I feel free, I feel light. Less really is more, in more ways than you can imagine. Jump over to the How To Simply and Essentials Checklist on the website for some inspiration towards achieving your own Eighty Twenty wardrobe.

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