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I am proud to introduce you to Harriet, the talented woman behind the ultimate selection of everyday ethical watches – Deon Dane.

Deon Dane watches immediately jumped out at me. They have a modern minimalist aesthetic, a practical and versatile design, and an ethos committed to quality and ethical practices. A perfect match for The Eighty Twenty Collection! It’s a pleasure to open the door and take you behind the scenes of this fabulous woman and brand.

Harriet, how would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my style as laidback and super casual. When I’m not working, I spend most of my free time at the beach. I wear a lot of neutral colours, and have a very minimalist outlook on clothes and accessories. I definitely believe less is more, and focus on owning a few staples that I can mix and match.

What was your inspiration behind starting Deon Dane?

The inspiration behind Deon Dane was a desire to create an accessory that is fashionable, comfortable and ethical. Having owned a few watches, I found metal straps too clunky, and leather often uncomfortable to wear. After researching the production of traditional leather, I knew this was not the product I wanted to use for Deon Dane.

I discovered the sustainable and ethical practices behind using kangaroo leather that would otherwise end up in waste. Instantly I knew this was the perfect fit for what would make Deon Dane unique. After creating and wearing my first Deon Dane watch, I received many compliments and found the leather to be extremely comfortable yet durable. So, I went straight into full production of our original seven classic styles, later adding our natural and tan straps. After our two year anniversary we launched the numeral collection of Deon Dane watches, which have been a massive hit in Australia and overseas.

How do you set yourself apart from other watch brands?

Deon Dane’s main point of difference is our sustainable kangaroo leather used for all watch straps. Kangaroo leather is ‘weight for weight’ the strongest and lightest natural leather available.

Our dials are minimal and clean, making each watch a fashion staple that fits in with our “everyday cool” style motto. We pride ourselves on producing quality timepieces, and give all customers peace of mind with a full one year warranty.

Our interchangeable straps – currently available in natural, black and tan – allow flexibility in creating new styles. This helps make Deon Dane a great investment, as one watch can create three completely  different styles!

Why is ethical fashion so important to you and your brand?

It was important for us to create a brand we, and our customers, can feel good about. There has been a big shift towards sustainable living in recent years, and in turn sustainable fashion.

Kangaroo leather is a renewable natural resource that is environmentally sustainable over the long term. It’s the true green alternative to other leathers or synthetic materials. Deon Dane uses a resource that would otherwise go to waste, and works with suppliers controlled by an Australian Government program to ensure no detrimental impact on the kangaroos or their ecosystems.

How does Deon Dane align with The Eighty Twenty Collection?

Deon Dane is a perfect fit for The Eighty Twenty Collection’s focus of “quality over quantity”. We have created pieces that customers can get maximum wear out of, and so can maximise their investment in our watches. Our minimal style, interchangeable straps, and comfortable leather, allows the wearer to incorporate Deon Dane into any outfit – the perfect accessory for day/night, summer/winter, dressy/casual – or “everyday cool” as we like to say.

Similarly, we encourage consumers to buy less, and choose ethical fashion. It’s a new way of thinking for many, and was a transition for us too. I myself am more focused on where fashion comes from and on purchasing only quality clothing and accessories.

I purchased the Brushed Silver watch with an interchangeable natural and black strap. It’s a simple style statement, light and comfortable, and I love that I can easily coordinate it with my wardrobe all year round. I also love the Turtle Shell! What are you loving right now?

I absolutely love The Turtle Shell in our new numeral collection – it is a very unique and bold statement piece. The Black on Black is my much loved, simple go to piece. I interchange between the black, natural and tan straps to suit my style each day. The new Black Numeral is also a stunning timepiece, and I particularly love the black dial with the natural strap.

I heard you have a special offer for our readers?

Deon Dane would love to offer all Eighty Twenty Collection readers 20% off their purchase of Deon Dane watches (excluding sale items). Visit the full range of Deon Dane watches here, and at checkout enter PROMO CODE: 8020. We hope you love our watches as much as we do!

Thank you Harriet for sharing your journey with us. It makes me so happy to be working with brands like Deon Dane who are committed to ‘doing good’ without compromising on style.


Clare x

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  • Deon Dane

    Thanks for sharing! So great to collaborate with a company focused on less is more and quality over quantity.

    • EightyTwenty

      You are welcome! It’s my passion to find, support and work with brands that adopt a sustainable approach 🙂 x

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