Spring Wardrobe Edit: the five key ingredients

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Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time for a wardrobe edit!

The arrival of spring sunshine, flowers and longer daylight hours brings a personal sense of rejuvenation. My hair is refreshed, legs are waxed, nails are painted, and I’m excited to be swapping over to my 80/20 Spring/Summer wardrobe.

If you’re not already familiar with the 80/20 wardrobe, it’s a minimalist wardrobe that allows you to enjoy the many benefits of a capsule wardrobe, but with wiggle room for added fun and personality. Sound good? Read on for my top tips! And don’t miss the opportunity to enter my WARDROBE EDIT GIVEAWAY; I’ll be helping one lucky lady downsize her wardrobe, the 80/20 way. Click the below image to enter.

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Following are the five key ingredients for a successful wardrobe edit…


Cluttered space, cluttered mind.

To keep my wardrobe clutter-free I diligently pack away my Autumn/Winter wardrobe, thoughtfully discarding pieces that have had their day. Off-season pieces are stored in a couple of old suitcases and placed in the top of my cupboard (I use cedar to deter moths). I then unpack my Spring/Summer wardrobe like it’s Christmas and fall back in love with pieces I haven’t worn and enjoyed for some time.

These days my wardrobe is a very manageable size, so from here I can clearly identify any gaps in my wardrobe staples (aim for approximately 80% staple pieces to wear and enjoy 80% of the time) and fill them mindfully. If I feel the need I’ll also purchase a couple of new seasonal pieces to freshen things up (aim for approximately 20% seasonal/statement pieces). Quite simply, by following the 80/20 rule of thumb we can embrace less without feeling restricted.

As I now own much less, every item has a place to call home. All my favourite things are easily seen and accessible, making it simple to quickly pull outfits together without the headache.

To declutter your wardrobe, visit How to simplify for a full step by step process that won’t let you down.


A minimalist wardrobe requires maximum flexibility!

Being able to easily mix and match pieces is key, and the simplest way to do this is to establish your very own wardrobe colour palette. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring! I aim for about three neutral colours (I’m going for white, blush and navy) and up to three statement colours (I’m going for yellow, pale blue and one other…hmmm!). If you’re confident pairing colours, you don’t need to be absolutely precise; a few different tones/variations of a colour will work.

The starting point for defining your colour palette is looking at what you already own and love. Pick out your most loved ‘go to’ pieces and you’ll usually see a colour theme emerge, even though you may not have consciously developed it!

When you have a wardrobe colour palette everything works together. Say hello to effortless coordinated outfits, creating multiple different looks with less, and the joy and satisfaction of wearing your favourite pieces often.


After nailing a colour palette, the next key ingredient for a minimalist wardrobe with maximum flexibility is achieving balance and versatility. This is about getting the right mix of timeless, interchangeable pieces that can be dressed up or down with ease. We’re aiming for a wardrobe that can easily take us from day to night, and from work to play.

No idea how to achieve a balanced mix of timeless, interchangeable pieces?

You can use the Essentials Wardrobe Checklist to guide your wardrobe edit. It provides a workable quantity and range of pieces, and classic styles that continue to stand the test of time. Of course you have the liberty to modify it to suit your own personal style and lifestyle, but if you increase in one area, it usually means you can decrease in another! Try to stick with the one in one out rule.

With a versatile wardrobe we can mix and match pieces to suit a range of different occasions. Take a classic cigarette pant for example. Pair them with a tee and sneakers for a weekend look, with a collared blouse and pumps for a corporate look, and with a silk cami and strappy heel for an evening out.

I have discovered that one of the hidden benefits of less (of which there are many) is that it leads to more creativity and expression of my own personal style. It feels fantastic to exude style confidence!


In the famous words of Vivienne Westwood, ‘buy less, choose well, make it last’.

The 80/20 wardrobe is based on two seasons per year, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Not four seasons per year, and certainly not the 52 seasons per year churned out by the fast fashion industry. This mindset reduces my desire to accumulate more in the face of our culture of over-consumption.

The best way to achieve and maintain a downsized wardrobe is to buy less, but buy better. I’m talking about investing in lasting styles, fabrics and workmanship! I personally like to support brands that do good by the planet, people, communities. I give consideration to ‘who made my clothes?’ and I cannot recommend natural fibres enough (think linen, organic cotton, bamboo, silk, wool, cashmere etc). There is so much to love about going for good quality pieces that you can wear and enjoy often.

I continue to use the Essentials Wardrobe Checklist so I can easily identify my wardrobe gaps, prioritise my purchases, and shop with intent. I have said goodbye to spur of the moment purchases, and purchases fuelled by sale prices.

And let’s not forget that buying less is how we can help the planet most quickly!


‘Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit’ – Michael Kors

The best way to quickly and effortlessly add more style, variety, colour and fun to a simple wardrobe is accessories! Jewellery, hat and sunglasses are my typical quick go to’s. However, as I’ve got more creative with a minimalist wardrobe, one of my all-time favourite accessories is now the scarf! I wear them as a neck tie (styled in a variety of ways), tied to the strap of a handbag, tied as a band around my favourite hat, and even as an alternative to a belt. If I had a suitable haircut I would also wear them as a headband or around a messy bun. LOVE THEM!

Also, never underestimate the magic of a quick smear of lipstick or nail polish. Instant ‘spring’ in your step and your style!

We’ve got you covered for the ultimate spring wardrobe edit. Feel free to message if you have any questions, successes or challenges.

Keep it eighty twenty lovely ladies!

Clare x

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