12 Steps to Simplify Your Wardrobe

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The change of seasons is a fabulous opportunity to simplify your wardrobe!

Do you swap out your Spring/Summer wardrobe with your Autumn/Winter wardrobe?  In recent times I have realised the value of a clutter free space with only my favourite seasonal pieces on display, easily accessible every day.

Due to the warm Queensland weather, it’s too soon for me to make the change to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. But for others, the timing is perfect! I can’t wait to pull out the pieces I’ve had packed away and build my own Eighty Twenty Autumn/Winter Collection. I look forward to sharing my journey with you and inspiring you towards simplifying your wardrobe too.

Check out the 12 Steps to Simplify Your Wardrobe! It will help you downsize and achieve a versatile, effortlessly stylish wardrobe that celebrates quality over quantity.

1. Embrace you

Understand your body shape, maximise your assets, know the styles and cuts that suit, and embrace you for you. If in doubt, consider a personal stylist to build your style confidence.

2. Wardrobe edit, round one

Empty the contents of your wardrobe onto your bed and roughly separate them into two seasons, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. For some quick wins, immediately discard items that no longer fit, show signs of wear and tear, you don’t feel comfortable in, don’t sit right, don’t maximise your assets, or no longer suit your personal style.

3. Your loves

Identify any standout items that you absolutely love and would wear right now without hesitation. Return only those items to your wardrobe and keep them separated in two seasons, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. If you don’t have a clear understanding of your personal style and preferred colour palette, you will learn a lot from admiring your most loved items.

4. Define your colour palette

Based on ‘your loves’ and colours that you know make you glow, identify no more than 3 neutral colours and no more than 3 accent colours for your Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter wardrobe. They can be the same, but I personally like to mix it up between the seasons.

5. Wardrobe edit, round two

Put to one side any items you haven’t worn in the last 90 days, and any items you can’t see yourself wearing in the next 90 days (keeping your colour palette in mind). These time frames cover all the seasons. There’s a reason you haven’t worn or can’t see yourself wearing them!

6. Build the bones of your wardrobe (80%)

Using the All Seasons 80/20 Collection Checklist and the remaining items on your bed, identify the pieces that align with your colour palette/s, and return them to your wardrobe in separate Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections. It’s all about getting the right combination of seasonal pieces for maximum versatility. If there are some styles in the All Seasons 80/20 Collection Checklist that ‘aren’t you’, then mindfully supplement them for your preferred style.

7. Make a wish list

Use the All Seasons 80/20 Collection Checklist as a guide to identify any gaps in your wardrobe essentials, make a wish list, keep it in line with your neutral colour palette, set a budget and fill the gaps in a thoughtful and considered way. It is all about buying pieces that will stand the test of time in terms of quality and style. Remember this is for the best result in terms of being able to regularly rotate and repurpose your outfits! The Eighty Twenty Collection marketplace is aligned with the checklist and prioritises brands that adopt an ethical philosophy. This makes it super easy to mindfully fill gaps.

8. Add some pizzazz

Once you have accumulated your good quality, versatile basics, you can prioritise a few statement pieces to compliment your basics. This allows you the freedom to add some extra fun, creativity and colour to your wardrobe. To help you consume thoughtfully, there are helpful tips in the All Seasons 80/20 Collection Checklist.

9. The things ‘put to one side’

If you can, be ruthless and get rid of everything that hasn’t been returned to your wardrobe. Ensure the items still in reasonable condition are purged sustainably! You can gift them to family/friends, sell, attend/hold a clothes swap party, upcycle or donate. If there are items you’re not ready to part with, store them away for the season. Then, if you haven’t needed them or missed them, you will find it easier to part with them in future.

10. Off season storage

If you’re in the seasons of Spring/Summer, safely store your Autumn/Winter wardrobe (and vice versa) so your everyday wardrobe space is clutter free.

11. Other wardrobe items

You will have other pieces of clothing that don’t form part of your Eighty Twenty Collection such as pyjamas, house clothes, exercise gear, underwear and swimwear. Store these items separate to your Eighty Twenty Collection so you can always easily identify the key pieces in your everyday wardrobe.

12. The start of a new season

Repeat the process starting back at Step 2 by emptying the contents of your season ending Eighty Twenty Collection onto one side of your bed. There will likely be a number of items that you carry across and continue to enjoy in the upcoming season. Then unpack the upcoming season items and lay them on the other side of the bed. Ensure you refer back to the All Seasons 80/20 Collection Checklist to build the bones of your collection for the upcoming season and identify any gaps.

You may wish to freshen up your new season wardrobe with a few new pieces or a different accent colour. Remember to adopt the one item in, one item out rule…we don’t want our wardrobes to expand and become unmanageable. Instead we want to hit a simple maintenance stage :-). Pack away remaining items that you continue to love from your season ending collection so you’re ready to enjoy them again next time. For any items that don’t make the cut, remember to always purge sustainably.

So, what are you waiting for? Carve out some time, pop on your favourite tunes, simplify your wardrobe and have some fun! A small investment of time at the beginning of the season will serve you well, saving you time, money and energy week in, week out.

Clare x

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