Neutral Palette

Neutral colours are outfit multipliers, style savers and trend proof!

Neutral colours:

  • easily mix and match
  • make pulling together an outfit a breeze
  • show off or pare down a statement piece
  • allow you to wear your favourite pieces multiple times without people noticing
  • place the emphasis on good quality fabrics and the perfect fit
  • create a polished yet effortless style

Subtlety can be the most stylish statement of all

Build the foundation of your Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter wardrobe on about three neutral colours. They don’t need to be the same for each season.

If you think neutral colours are black, white and brown, think again. Check out all the possible neutral colour combinations to create the base palette of your seasonal wardrobe.

If you have a warm complexion (Spring or Autumn complexion) go for warmer neutrals such as creams, brown and olive. If you have a cool complexion (Summer or Winter complexion) go for cooler neutrals such as white, greys and navy.

Prioritise your key neutral pieces first, then add up to three accent colours to your wardrobe. When buying any accent colours or statement pieces always ask yourself:

  • Does the colour suit me?
  • Do I love it?
  • Can I wear it with at least 5 items I already have in my wardrobe?

Hint: If you love a colour that doesn’t suit your complexion, you don’t necessarily need to avoid it entirely. Instead consider incorporating the colour on your bottom half, as a bag, a belt or shoes.

Timeless Patterns

Neutral colours don’t mean they all need to be plain. Here are some classic patterns that continually stand the test of time. In fact, you can add even more personal style by carefully mixing and matching patterns, textures and layering. Try different combinations to develop your own look.

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