Modern minimalist with a French inspired wardrobe

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Love the idea of having a simple wardrobe with oodles of statement style?

Je ne sais quoi French Style

We can learn a lot from the way French women approach fashion. They are notorious for their je ne sais quoi style; a somewhat intangible phrase. It’s effortlessly chic, done but slightly undone, perfectly imperfect style. The challenge is that it takes some effort to achieve effortless chic.

French women typically:

  1. Have smaller wardrobes
  2. Invest in quality, timeless pieces
  3. Don’t religiously follow fashion trends
  4. Mix wardrobe basics with a statement piece, a bold colour or a contrasting texture
  5. Dress for themselves, for comfort, and as a way to express their individuality
  6. Wear their clothes and accessories all the time, and often all year round.

The stripped back simplicity of this ‘less is more’ approach to fashion ticks ALL my boxes.

How can I create a French inspired wardrobe?

The Eighty Twenty Collection All Seasons Wardrobe Checklist encapsulates all the above. Think…Good quality tees, denim, leather, silk and cashmere; Slouchy meets tailored; Coffee date to date night. If you haven’t already done so, get your hands on this free downloadable resource because The Eighty Twenty wardrobe has got you covered!

The Eighty Collection component of the checklist focuses on getting a workable number, and versatile mix of good quality, interchangeable, timeless essentials into your wardrobe. The Twenty Collection acknowledges my own personal desire for extra wiggle room to spice up my wardrobe with a small number of outside the box, statement or seasonal** pieces.

**Big FYI, I embrace two seasons per year, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Not four seasons, not six seasons, and certainly not the 52 micro seasons imposed upon us.

The All Seasons Wardrobe Checklist In Action

The All Seasons Wardrobe Checklist is quite prescriptive, and for good reason. It makes the intangible, tangible. The checklist is designed to help you clear the clutter, consume less, create balance, and more mindfully invest in the right places. And guess what? You probably already have many of the key pieces tucked away in your closet somewhere 🙂

Don’t let the numbers overwhelm you. In spite of our oversized wardrobes, did you know most of us end up only wearing about 20% on a regular basis? That’s right, we’re tipping that stat on its head. Quite simply, we have too much (of the wrong) stuff!

Use the checklist as a guide and give yourself permission to make it your own so it aligns with your lifestyle, comfort, environment etc. Live in a particularly extreme climate? You can rule out some items and increase the quantities of others. Are there certain styles that don’t suit your body shape or you just don’t feel comfortable in? Swap it out for an alternative you love. Work in the corporate world?  Add in an extra suit, a tailored dress or some blouses, or alternatively create two mini Eighty Twenty Collections, one for work and one for leisure. Make adjustments, have fun with it, and be you.

I’m still working towards my ideal Eighty Twenty wardrobe. I’m committed to getting maximum wear out of the clothes and accessories I love that are currently in my downsized wardrobe. I know exactly where the gaps are, I know my priority wish list, and when the time comes I will purchase mindfully, which for me also includes supporting sustainable fashion brands.

Instead of accumulating more, be effortlessly chic with less.


Clare x

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