Fashion Forward, Ethical & Sustainable…yes please!

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A fashion forward label that also adopts ethical and sustainable practices ticks all my boxes!

Over recent months I have had the pleasure of getting to know the inspiring woman behind sticks + stone, the label. Allow me to introduce you to the lovely Jacky Stickler; a woman committed to making a positive social and environmental impact in the fashion industry, and living and working in alignment with both her creative passion and her values.

Jacky, tell us more about yourself, the woman behind sticks + stone, the label

I grew up in Queensland, Australia where I formed a love for the outdoors and the environment from an early age. I spent a lot of time with my aunt who worked as a seamstress in a sweatshop for a decade, before saving enough money to open her own clothing store. My school holidays were spent in awe of her dressmaking skills and how wonderful the ladies looked in their high end fashion. These things have always stuck with me! After spending the first ten years of my career as a marketing specialist, I gravitated back to my roots. I began working on a path more aligned with my passion for positive social and environmental practices and sticks + stone, the label, was born!

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a less is more girl! Stripped back, minimal accessories and lots of neutral colours. I like to keep in touch with trends, but tend to invest in one or two seasonal items each summer and winter. I then mix and match with my most loved staples, and I never compromise comfort for fashion.

What was your inspiration behind starting sticks + stone, the label?

Whilst I loved my previous corporate career, I always found myself wanting something more purposeful. With my love of fashion and marketing background I knew I wanted to influence consumers to live more consciously. This is where my passions lay! This medium has such an incredible ability to affect change via people power. After all, everyone wears clothes!

How do you set yourself apart from other fashion brands?

We try to connect with the fashion lover first and foremost. Then we gently educate and encourage these consumers, who may have typically engaged with cheap fast fashion, to be more conscious of their everyday purchasing decisions. A lot of sustainable or ethical fashion brands exist in the casual wear space. sticks + stone however designs pieces that are more on trend and for dressier occasions. In doing so, we aim to appeal to fashion lovers and encourage them to make more conscious choices.

Why is ethical and sustainable fashion so important to you and your brand?

The rise of the fast fashion culture has swept the globe and is a significant contributor to social and environmental issues worldwide. Vulnerable fashion lovers are generally kept in the dark and know very little about a product’s origins, how it was produced, and the resulting social and environmental impacts. Hundreds of millions of workers within the apparel industry worldwide are exploited. They face poor working and living conditions, less than minimum wage and long working hours. To put the issue into context; the fashion industry could take 125 million people out of extreme poverty, by adding only 1% of its profits to workers’ wages.

From an environmental perspective, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter globally, second only to oil. Unlike organic cotton, conventional cotton has the highest rate of chemical use; covering 2.5% of the globe’s cultivated land but consuming 16% of the world’s insecticides. Chemicals used in processing conventional cotton also pollute the air and surface waters, upsetting biodiversity and natural ecosystems. Given that cotton accounts for 50% of all fabric used globally, this creates damaging outcomes for the environment, animals and humans alike.

That’s our why. At sticks + stone we are committed to making positive changes in these areas. Then it really comes down to people power; consumers voting with their wallets, buying more conscious products and helping to right wrongs of the fashion industry.

How does sticks + stone align with The Eighty Twenty Collection?

We live and breath three main principles – sustainability, ethics and spirit. We are so happy to team up with The Eighty Twenty Collection who loves to work with brands counter-cultural to the fast fashion industry.

Sustainability: We’re all about better materials and practices that are better for our environment. We use only certified organic cotton materials free from synthetic chemicals and coloured with all natural non-toxic dyes.

Ethics: All garments are designed in Australia and crafted in local Australian production houses by skilled machinists. Everyone part of the design, development and production process work in clean, safe, ethical environments where the protection of human rights is paramount.

Spirit: We want women to get more out of fashion! Everyone knows and loves the feeling of looking great in their favourite outfit. But we want this to extend further, by knowing that their choice is making a positive social and environmental impact in the world.

Over the winter months I’ve been loving your drop crotch pants. I’m also in awe of your We are Kin Co-ord. What pieces from your current collection are you loving right now?

We are in LOVE with our latest creation, the We are Kin Co-ord (featured). This garment is a collaboration with Australian Textile Designer, Lauren Malone of The Indigo Room.

The collab features a bespoke hand painted textile design which illustrates each heart and soul involved in the creation of the We are Kin Co-ord. The design is a fitted two piece cropped top and ruffle skirt, printed on certified organic cotton sateen. This statement piece has proven to be a favourite with our influencers and collaborators! Check out our Instagram page for the feature @sticksandstone.thelabel<

I heard you have a special offer for our readers…

We would love for everyone to engage with sustainable fashion, so would like to exclusively offer readers 20% off all sticks + stone items featured on The Eighty Twenty Collection marketplace. Simply use promo code: STYLEMESUSTAINABLE at checkout.

We love your work Jacky, and what your brand stands for! Thank you for sharing your story. It’s an honour to have sticks + stone part of The Eighty Twenty Collection marketplace and community.


Clare x

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