The 80/20 Wardrobe Checklist

The All Seasons 80/20 Wardrobe Checklist can be used as a guide to help you achieve your very own effortlessly chic eighty twenty collection; a simple smart casual wardrobe that can be dressed up and dressed down with ease.

The thing is, effortless style (you know that bang on well-put-together look) actually requires more effort and consideration than you would think. The checklist helps take some of the effort out by ensuring you have the core pieces to help you easily pull together stylish outfits time and time again.

Keep your primary purpose and lifestyle front of mind. If the only time you wear smart casual clothing is on weekends and on holidays, in a considered way reduce the number of items in some areas and increase it in other areas.

The online marketplace provides you with a shopping experience well aligned to this checklist which makes it super easy to identify and mindfully fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

For the best outcome, I encourage you to use this checklist in conjunction with the steps in How to Simplify as it’s highly likely that you will need to strip back your current wardrobe and define the colour palette for your seasonal eighty twenty collections.

Mini Corporate Collection Checklist

Does your day job call for a more substantial and separate corporate wardrobe?

If so, cut down on the above 80/20 Collection Checklist in terms of quantity and create two mini collections. The same principles apply; have a small collection of interchangeable good quality items that you look and feel good in.

We’ve included our Mini Corporate Collection Checklist in the above download, so make sure you enter your details to get a copy sent to you via email!