Welcome to the Eighty Twenty Collection!

Welcome to the one stop shop for achieving the ultimate mindful, minimalist wardrobe.

This carefully curated online marketplace is inspired by minimalism, the five piece French wardrobe and the capsule wardrobe. On my own journey to simplify my wardrobe came the notion of a modest sized wardrobe with wiggle room. The Eighty Twenty Collection is all about building a minimalist wardrobe consisting of:

  • 80% good quality, interchangeable pieces to wear and enjoy 80% of the time; and
  • the remaining 20% for injecting even more personality and seasonal fun.

You may be thinking ‘What’s new? I already do that?’

In principal I thought I did too. The truth is it takes some effort to achieve a downsized, effortless, minimalist wardrobe.

I’m all about providing a unique shopping experience ironically founded on less is more. If you’re interested in simplifying your wardrobe and consciously investing in quality pieces that form the building blocks of a versatile, timeless and effortlessly chic wardrobe, you have come to the right marketplace, with tips and tools to boot! Make sure you check out the Wardrobe Checklist and the step by step process on How to Simplify.

I have benefited greatly from streamlining my clothes and accessories, thoughtfully filling the gaps, and nudging closer towards my ideal 80/20 wardrobe (not quite there yet!). I save time, money and energy without sacrificing style; have gladly jumped off the fashion fast train; enjoy my favourite things often; have a growing confidence in myself and my style; and can easily achieve a well-put-together outfit on a whim.

Buy less

Choose quality

Do good

Look & feel effortless

Clare x

Female clothes on hangers in a room

‘What I’m always trying to say to the consumer is: buy less, choose well, make it last.’ – Vivienne Westwood


The ethos of The Eighty Twenty Collection is to support women to consciously consume fashion by embracing the old adage of quality over quantity.

By thoughtfully investing in good quality, versatile basics we are able to consume less whilst truly enjoying beautiful fabrics and fine workmanship that will stand the test of time.

Some of the many benefits of consuming less include eliminating ‘what am I going to wear?’ decision fatigue, reducing impulse spending, freeing our time and energy for more important things, refining our own personal style, getting creative by working with what we’ve got, as well as importantly reducing our environmental footprint.

The Eighty Twenty Collection also takes pride in supporting brands that adopt an ethical fashion philosophy.