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the eighty COLLECTION

the twenty COLLECTION

The Eighty Twenty Collection

The Eighty Twenty Collection is a carefully curated marketplace for achieving a mindful, minimalist wardrobe.

The Eighty Collection is all about building the bones of a quality, simple, versatile, everything just works wardrobe. Aim for approximately 80% of your wardrobe to be quality essential pieces you will wear and enjoy 80% of the time. By thoughtfully investing in core interchangeable basics you will downsize your wardrobe, maximise ease and functionality, as well as look and feel comfortable and effortlessly chic every day.

The Twenty Collection is about injecting additional personal style, colour and playfulness into your wardrobe. The remaining 20% of your wardrobe includes pieces that compliment your eighty collection or perhaps one or two standalone statement pieces. In the true spirit of The Eighty Twenty Collection enjoy a few good quality seasonal pieces to the max.

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